How long does wall waterproofing last?

Waterproof paint is a temporary solution that usually lasts 6 to 24 months. Can water rise up the concrete floor in the basement? Most professionals see waterproof paints as a short-term solution to their problem. They are not suitable for basement walls and are likely to fail in six months or two years. In most cases, a primer and crack injection will have a lifespan of about ten years.

If applied in the right way, waterproofing capabilities should last at least ten years, if not longer. When a professional handles the waterproofing process, the life of the product can be extended. In combination with the outside ground leveling and excavation techniques, the water will be kept away from the house and the waterproofing product can be seen to last even longer. While basic waterproofing membranes must last at least ten years, they can last much longer if the right decision and circumstances are made.

On the contrary, poor-quality waterproofing will rarely last the distance. Waterproof paint will only last six months to two years in damp areas. To resolve moisture permanently, you need to address its source. The type of waterproofing you choose and how the solution is applied will determine how long you can wait until the waterproofing is added again.

Also, can I waterproof my basement myself? APPLY masonry waterproofing product to bare interior basement walls If you hire a basement waterproofing contractor, many will tell you that waterproof paint is only a temporary solution. Typically based on oil, latex, or concrete with organic components, waterproof paints claim to adhere to surfaces such as concrete or wood to provide a strong water- or water-resistant seal. To ensure your waterproofing lasts and you don't see similar problems, you need a thoughtful solution design, quality waterproofing and remediation, and ideally, ongoing preventive maintenance. We use high-quality waterproofing materials and recommend the right waterproofing membranes for your building.

The duration of the waterproofing depends on several different factors, including the amount of waterproofing product used, the weather, and the severity of the initial damage. If the foil test showed that water is soaking into the basement walls and leaving them damp, seal the inside of the walls with a high-quality waterproof paint, such as DRYLOK White Extreme Waterproofing (available from Home Depot). Good workmanship, along with solid strategic options rather than the combination of waterproofing materials, is the key to a durable waterproofing system. This is how each of them plays a role in your waterproofing solution and the steps you need to take to ensure your waterproofing lasts for decades.

But with the right expertise in waterproofing diagnosis, design, and remediation, stratum owners and managers can expect exceptional, long-lasting waterproofing solutions.

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