Why is it important to have waterproofing membranes around your foundation?

A high-quality base waterproofing membrane serves as the most important barrier between concrete and the surrounding soil. It helps prevent water infiltration and can even resist harmful contaminants from entering the structure. Advanced Foundation Repair recently released an educational video and white paper that guides homeowners through how exterior foundation waterproofing membrane moisture barriers can be included in foundation drainage systems, says Fred Marshall, owner of Advanced Foundation Repair. There are a large number of products designed to provide capillary rupture and vertical drainage against the base wall.

Most are designed to eliminate the need for granular filling around the base. Some are used in conjunction with an aerosol waterproofing membrane, while they are sold as standalone waterproofing materials without the elastomeric coating (synthetic rubber). The waterproofing membrane is more of an additional protection, not the main character in the waterproofing of walls. Hot-melt liquid bituminous rubber blend structural waterproofing systems with an interlayer reinforcement can be used in deck and podium deck applications to provide a seamless waterproofing membrane for roofs and high podiums and are sometimes specified for winter applications where low temperatures are common.

Many of the warranties for products used by waterproofing companies can be canceled if they are not installed by a certified professional waterproofing contractor. You should waterproof the outside of basement walls, and it can also be beneficial to waterproof the inside surface of the wall with something like Drylok. Positive side waterproofing consists of installing a waterproofing membrane or layer between the substrate to be protected and the water source. Although the roof must be waterproofed throughout the house, you need to make sure that you have applied a waterproofing membrane to the roof above the shower, as that is where most of the vapor will accumulate.

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