Is waterproofing bathroom necessary?

Waterproofing the bathroom is one of the most important aspects of a home improvement project. This is because waterproofing not only protects structures from damage, but also eliminates potential health problems. Washing and bathing produce a lot of water vapor in bathrooms. Water containment in shower walls is important and a requirement.

Bathrooms are constantly damp areas, and if you don't properly waterproof them, water damage can wreak havoc on your property structure. For example, without proper waterproofing, water can seep through the wooden subfloor and deteriorate the structural integrity of your home, making the entire bathroom and surrounding areas unsafe. The waterproof coating not only prevents leakage and moisture formation, but it is also an excellent insulator. If the external walls are part of your bathroom, you'll know how cold those walls can feel to the touch, especially during the winter months, which means your bathroom requires a higher BTU (British thermal unit) to heat it.

This, in turn, costs you more money in the long run. The waterproof approach will help keep you warm and reduce your energy bills to some extent. Custom Building Products requires two coats of its Redgard liquid waterproofing on all waterproof surfaces. During construction, waterproofing can be achieved through multiple processes, such as the application of a waterproof membrane, the installation of a preformed shower base (for flush entry showers), water resistant plasterboard, silicone water stops, and epoxy grout.

Waterproofing can serve as a moisture barrier, but a moisture barrier does not necessarily qualify as a waterproofing barrier. If these 5 reasons have convinced you to waterproof your bathroom, you'll be happy to know that complete bathroom waterproofing kits are now available at Victoria Plum. On a happier note, waterproofing can also preserve and extend the life of a bathroom or laundry room, so that's another reason to add expert waterproofing to your priority list. Unfortunately, because there is a lot of technical information (which, let's face it, can be confusing), understanding what level of waterproofing is required and what to expect from a waterproofing contractor can become a tedious task.

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